The following are unsolicited testimonies of coaches/parents who I have instructed their teams or son/ daughter on hitting thru out the years. The purpose of presenting these testimonies publically for your review is to allow you to read what others have to say about their experience while sending their son/daughter to the “Hitters Edge.” If you should recognize a name, please feel free to contact them and discuss any questions you may have in regards to what to expect here at the “Hitters Edge.” Thank you!!

Rick Stiner brings a creative, evidence based, and outcomes oriented approach to the science of hitting. Over the last 4 years my son has made tremendous strides in hitting and more importantly has been able to enjoy the game of baseball in the batters box. Rick is a highly creative instructor who puts tremendous effort into improving his skills as a teacher by seeking out the best science based approaches to the art of hitting. I am constantly amazed by how he thinks outside the box when teaching, and that creative yet proven method of thinking gets results.
Brian Sloan
Zionsville, IN

I wanted to say thank you for all that you have done to instruct my son, Nick, over the past couple of months. As the Director for Sports Medicine and Sports Performance Center, I am always looking to hire the very best instructors who have the training and experience to positively change an athlete’s neuromuscular circuitry, thereby vastly improving overall athleticism and production on the field or court. The approach you take at the Hitter’s Edge is very similar to our approach, thus your innovative teaching methodology immediately caught my attention—I had to see it in action!

My son, Nick, has always been a good hitter, but consistency was sometimes an issue. As a family that lives and breathes baseball, we thought the instruction we had been getting in the past was good, but it just didn’t have the thoroughness or long-term effect we were looking for in terms of hitting instruction. I believe your methodology is the key ingredient to why there has been such a tremendous change in Nick’s swing—in consistency, aesthetics and power. Frankly, I wasn’t sure you could get a 15 year to overhaul his swing, but your style of teaching and approach really made the difference! I can’t wait to see how you transform my 10 year olds swing next!
F. Scott Handlon
Avon, Indiana

Coach Stiner is the best hitting instructor that my three sons have worked with, and the best that I have been around in ten years of coaching youth and travel baseball. His approach is consistent but also tailored specifically to each player’s needs. Not only does he make a personal connection with each player, he is awesome at diagnosing problems and correcting them with specific drills and instruction. Rick is a great communicator and my boys really enjoy working with him. Not only has Rick worked with my sons for over a year, he has worked with 2 select teams that I have coached. Rick Stiner helps players become better hitters, period! I have recommended him many times and will continue to do so.
Jeff Farren
Indianapolis, IN

I have had the privilege of having my 12 year old son Drew participate in Rick’s 7 session course, and follow up sessions. I am a huge fan of Rick Stiner and his teaching process and methodology.

Before I share why I am excited about having Rick teach my son, here is a bit of my background-

I have been around baseball for over 38 years- in my playing days at a Division 1 university, and then for a national team touring overseas. I have been an instructor at youth camps and have taught baseball camps and clinics to over 3,000 youth. I have also been able to coach numerous teams over the years. I have had the privilege of being around some of the best teachers the game has to offer. However, one of the challenges for some baseball instructors is teaching in a way that young players can both understand and actually do- especially as their young bodies are maturing.

Like so many dads who coach their sons, there are some things my son was not “hearing” from me-this is where Rick entered the picture. Not only have I personally learned more about hitting from Rick, but more importantly, Rick communicates in a way that my son “gets,” and listens and responds to Rick, because Rick knows exactly how to work with young players in a way that they not only can understand, but he gives them many drills to work on after their instruction time with him.

I am a big fan of Rick and his mastery of teaching the art of hitting. As a lifelong baseball guy- my advice to you if you are considering using Rick as an instructor- “JUST DO IT.”
Ray HIlbert
Fishers, IN

My name is Tony Dungan. My son Clay Dungan is now 15 years of age and has been taking hitting lessons from Hitters Edge for 3 ½ years. We are located near Muncie, In. and make the trip to Hitters Edge during the off season to continue to work to improve.

Rick does a great job of working with kids to improve their skills as well as help them understand the mental approach of hitting. Where Rick does a great job is allowing the kids to see and understand the adjustments in their swing. Any major college today utilizes video as a resource to break down swing mechanics. Where Rick’s knowledge comes in is his understanding and breaking down the video. He then comes up with unique drills to address minor issues in swing mechanics.
Hitters Edge then maintains video achieve to allow each student to return and view how their swing may have transformed through a given season. Often times it is a very small correction that Rick picks up on to adjust their swing and return to form.

I have the advantage of having coached with Rick for a number of years and have seen firsthand our kids, other teams and parents approach us as coaches after tournaments to ask, “What are we doing differently to allow our hitters to have so much success”. The answer is Rick working very hard to provide drills and improve techniques. It is easy for the kids to buy into what he teaches due to the fact that they have success on the field.
Tony Dungan
Daleville, IN.

My son Justin finished the 7-session program with Rick Stiner in December, 2009 as an 11 year old. He has been working with Rick consistently over the last 2 years experiencing great success. Justin has played against some of the best travel baseball competition in the country and is a key hitter for his team every year.

The 7-session program is great in that it completely breaks down a player’s swing then rebuilds it one phase at a time to create a mechanically sound, well-balanced swing. The program is started and finished within an intense 7-10 day stretch allowing the player to develop proper muscle memory while creating the new hitting swing. Once the 7-session program ends, Rick is available for refresher lessons that continue to reinforce what was learned as well as add other finishing touches to continue improving the player’s swing.

Rick does a great job using video analysis to identify weaknesses in a player’s swing then apply specific drills to correct those weaknesses. The player is taught how to “self-analyze” his swing. In addition, Rick also works with the player to improve the mental approach to hitting.

If you want your son to be prepared for high level travel baseball, to be a key member of his high school team or be in a position to play baseball in college, I HIGHLY recommend working with Rick.
Charles Hensley
Fishers, IN

Both of my boys (ages 13 & 10) joined the baseball hitting program at "A Hitter's Edge" in 2010. It was a fantastic learning experience and Rick has been a terrific instructor/mentor to both boys. The results have been great and we have continued training with Rick ever since. I highly recommend this program to everyone.

Tim Kabrich
Brownsburg, IN

Rick Stiner has been instructing our son Devin since he was 12 years old. Since working with Rick, Devin’s hitting percentage has increased each year. Rick has taken the time to understand Devin as a person as well as a hitter. Because of that interest; Devin has developed a great respect for Rick and tries so hard to follow through with all of Rick’s advanced instruction. Rick’s instruction is top notch and I don’t foresee having anyone else work with Devin on his hitting; especially now that he's entering high school. In our opinion, Rick Stiner’s hitting instruction is as good as it gets!! Definitely time and money well spent!!
Bill and Diana Mann
Columbus, IN

I have been around baseball for 30 plus years both playing, and coaching from 9 through 18 year old kids. Never has there been in clinics ,and working with all kinds of coaches from high school to college level been a instructor that has the skills both in the hitting but communication to teach the art of hitting as Rick Stiner. My son has been with a few coaches, and instructors that have tried to instruct on hitting but fail to communicate the task. He has taken my son from having no confidence to thinking and hitting at a high level. Thanks Rick!
Jack Russel
Fort Wayne, IN

A Hitter’s Edge is exactly as it sounds but is only for those that are serious about advancing their hitting performance. Rick takes hitting to a new level by breaking down every aspect of the swing to maximize the hitters ability to perform with not just the fast ball but with the off speed pitch as well. For the past three years Rick’s program has continued to greatly improve my two son’s ability at the plate and that has also led to building their confidence as a player.
Thanks Rick!!!
Larry Coffey
Albany, Indiana

Rick's instruction is the best money I ever spent on baseball. My son took Rick's program when he was 12 and still refers to the program information at age 15. My son will have us tape his swing in games and practice sessions and he is able to diagnose his own swing. Anytime my son can't figure it out on his own, he will set up a refresher with Rick. I will say his program is only for students who are very serious about baseball and willing to put the work in.
Derek Howie
Greenwood, Indiana

"I have learned a lot about my swing from Mr. Stiner, especially how to use my entire body for the best results. I have learned to hit with more power since being taught at Hitters Edge. The most beneficial thing to me is to be able to see in slow motion on video as he breaks down your swing so I can see what I was doing wrong."
Ben Kocher
Zionsville, IN

Prior to working with Rick, my 9-year-old son had been to several hitting clinics and worked with other instructors. The differences in working with Rick were (1) starting the series of lessons by working on the lower body, the important foundation of a strong swing; (2) progressing to the core and finally the arms as my son learned; (3) the attention to detailed analysis of my son's swing on slow motion video with comparison to MLB hitters; (4) Rick's ability to explain complex hitting concepts in a way that a young hitter can understand; and (5) most importantly, the outcome, which was a much more consistent and powerful swing.

A few months after the 7-day immersion in hitting, my son began to slowly return to his former swing, and his power and average suffered. In fact, he had a seemingly endless stretch where he couldn't even make contact consistently. He then began going to refresher lessons, and Rick had his swing back to where it needs to be within an hour. We've continued to work with Rick regularly to keep my son's swing where it needs to be and to work on more advanced concepts, such as hitting curves and change-ups.

My son played on the 9u division with one of Indiana's leading travel organizations last season. After working with Rick, my son had more balls hit the fence (in the air or on the bounce) and more triples than any other player on the team last season.  No one on the team hit one over the fence, since most of the games were on 225+ foot fences at 9u.
Kevin Terrell
Franklin, IN

Rick has been working with my son for about 2 years and the improvement has been dramatic. Not only has his consistency and power increased, but his understanding of the swing as well. We will continue to work with Rick to make sure he stays on track. I would highly recommend Rick as an instructor.
Jeff Seagrave
Kokomo, Indiana

“I would highly recommend building a baseball relationship with Rick Stiner based on the comprehensive nature of the model and long term benefits my sons have enjoyed over the past three years. It is a relationship for all three parties (player, parents, and Rick) from the opening evaluation when Rick asks some very insightful questions regarding prior experiences and your goals to the periodic reviews regarding progress and results. Based on his journey to professional baseball and more importantly his experience over the years teaching, Rick works extremely hard to figure out how to connect with the player regarding how they learn, what motivates them, and at the same time challenges them to do practice drills/exercises and take ownership in learning the science and art of hitting a baseball. Further, based on his experience and the use of technology Rick is one of the best instructors, evaluators, and diagnosis of problems and opportunities I have seen in my sporting life. Rick is constantly investing time and money through industry conferences and coaching clinics to bring new and innovative training techniques to his students, examples would be the mental side of the game, eye training, organizational skills, and other drills or cross training activities. One of the things my wife and three boys have enjoyed the most is how we all are building blocks of knowledge regarding the art and science of hitting and can share that together during the baseball season. In summary, my three boys have better practice habits, have more confidence and success in the batter’s box, are able to somewhat self-diagnose problems, and are all around more knowledgeable ball players because of their relationship with Coach Stiner.”
Skip and Mary Watson
Indianapolis, IN

My son is 14 and has played Travel Baseball the past 4 years. My son has been receiving instruction from Rick for 3 years. The level of instruction received from Rick has far and away been more detailed and rewarding than any other coaching my son has received. He has transformed him from an average hitter to a team leading hitter. He's increased his power and hitting average by following Rick's teachings. I've coached baseball for 10+ years and I can say without a doubt Rick's hitting knowledge and ability to teach hitting is tops! Rick's use of video, tools, drills, and lessons are fun, new, and get right to the specifics of becoming a better hitter. The results have been amazing. Rick is professional, fun, and motivates the player. I would highly recommend Rick for truly professional hitting instruction!
Craig Malson
Tipton, IN