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Camp Information for 11 & 12 and 13 Year Olds

Camp Description

This camp is in its third year and has been a big hit with past players. The camp allows each camper to receive game time instruction during actual games. 10 players will be selected each game by that days player captains. The captains will coach the team as well as make up the line ups. Each player rotates positions every inning, allowing players to learn to play multiple positons. The captains change each week allowing all players to be a captain at least once during the camp duration. Two former ex-professional players will be the Camp Instructors overseeing the game… they will be stopping action to teach whenever they see something was done wrong by either team. The camp instructor may also stop the game and teach both teams the proper way to perform that play or situation and at times will ask the play to be repeated so players may learn to do it correctly.

Age Requirement – The ages for the camp are for next season (2018) divisions. HOWEVER, player’s who played in the 12u division this past season are eligible to attend as a 12u player as well.  After all….the instruction provided will help them moving forward.  If you played 10u this past season you would enroll as a 11u.  If desired, players may enroll up in the next division.

Past camper’s parents have stated, it’s like an organized whiffle ball game with camp instructors over seeing play to assure proper development both mentally and physically.

Campers will have two sessions to choose from, Tuesday or Thursday’s, or attend both If you desire.  These camp sessions will take place at Grand Park in Westfield, Indiana.  Games will played be from August 22nd to October 12th, 2017.  Camp will start at 5:30 with games starting at 6:00pm and lasting until 8:00pm on the nose. 

Enroll your player today…he’ll be glad you did!

Added bonus…each camp starts off with arm care and injury prevention exercises as well as a long toss program to help strengthening the arm.  This program will get started at 5:30pm sharp.  It is not mandatory for a camper to attend this added bonus.

Camp Cost

Camp cost is $40.00 per session per player. Each Camper may choose what day each week they can attend or select to attend them all (16 sessions) Each camper will receive a t-shirt and a ton of information to absorb.

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