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One-On-One Lessons


An Evaluation is a great way to see firsthand what you are considering to purchase before you pay for it. After all, it is your son or daughters future and who instructs them on their hitting shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Selecting this program will allow a player within 10 sessions to develop an elite swing pattern based off sports science as well as the movement patterns used by the world’s greatest hitters. Each lessons plan is developed to cover more advanced areas for becoming a more advanced hitter.

Our 7 session program instructs the player on the movement patterns and principles performed by the past/present MLB players.  Selecting this program, will allow a player to develop an elite swing pattern based on the principles of sports science within 7 sessions.

After finishing A Hitters Edge program, it is recommended that you follow up with regular attendance to refresher lessons.  Refresher lessons are not mandatory, but are recommended once a month or each student can decide how often they desire to attend.