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Why an Evaluation?

An Evaluation is a great way to see firsthand what you are considering to purchase before you pay for it.

Rick spends this time talking to the player and determining what has already been taught to the player. It is important to Rick that a potential student, along with the parent, spends time seeing firsthand what Rick teaches and what he plans to instruct to their son or daughter.

Rick believes that the Evaluation is a VERY important process to having a better understanding of what to expect should you decide to enroll in a Hitters Edge program. After all, it is your son or daughters future and who instructs them on their hitting shouldn’t be taken lightly.

The Evaulation Includes

  • Allowing the player as well as the parent to view in super slow motion where their players swing faults are.
  • A side by side comparison next to MLB players as well as the 08 USA Olympic girls softball team are done to allow the player to see firsthand the player’s mechanics compared to the pros. If you want to be great, do what the great ones are doing!
  • The Evaluation is performed with state of the art video analysis software viewed on a 40” monitor with the capability to view from 4 different camera angles- side/pitcher/catcher and back side.
  • Once it is determined where your player’s swing faults are, a game plan to change them along with a recommendation as to which program would be the best and most beneficial will be discussed.

Evaluation Cost

The cost for an Evaluation is $80.00. Payment will be requested at time of booking.

  • The cost of the Evaluation will be deducted, if you decide to enroll your player in one of the programs offered
  • The complete Evaluation last an hour.
  • Add a comprehensive voice over analysis of your evaluation for an additional $20.00 and be able to watch it from anywhere…even on your phone!
  • Be sure to use promo code EVAL80OFF to get your Evaluation cost deducted from your future program cost.
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