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Refresher Lessons

Stay Connected And Keep Your Edge !

  • After finishing A Hitters Edge program, it is recommended that you follow up with regular attendance to refresher lessons.
  • Refresher lessons are a great way to make sure that each student is maintaining his or her proper swing mechanics. If swing faults are noticed, you will receive instruction on how to get your swing back on track.
  • Refresher lessons are not mandatory, but are recommended once a month or up to each student as to how often they desire.
  • Refresher lessons at the price listed below, are only offered to those students who have attended and completed the ADVANCED (7 sessions) or ELITE (10 sessions) programs.
  •  A player will be provided a voiceover online video of the “refersher lesson” within 48 hours of completion of the refresher lesson.
  • In addition, refresher lessons may be used not only as a way to maintain your proper mechanics, but also as a constant measurment of progress in areas you may be working to improve on…. or to advance your swing mechanics to perfection.
  • It is the desire of “A Hitters Edge” that each student take ownership in their own swing. We are not a babysitting service! Our protocol for success is to learn a new swing (the program)…go home and practice it (ownership)…check in and see where your swing is at (refresher lessons)

Refresher Lesson Cost

The 60 Min. Refresher Lesson cost starts at $70.00 and you may consider purchasing a 5 and 10 pack options for a discount.  All 3 forms of payment are accepted!

  • Refresher lessons at this price are reserved for ONLY those students who have completed the ADVANCED (7 session) or the ELITE (10 session) programs.
  • A player will  be provided a voiceover online video of the “refersher lesson” within 48 hours of completion of the refresher lesson. 
  • It is recommended and proven for continued success with a players swing mechanics… to have a refresher lesson once a month after completing a program.  Although, a player may attend as often as he or she desires.
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